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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1990 - 2000   |   Theme: eCommerce / Mail Order / Consumer Analytics


1991"Clearing the Way for Electronic Commerce" 1992Precursor to Amazon.com's Online Bookstore 1993 – 1997"The First Successful Online Bookseller Service" 1993Development of Neural Networks May 1993The First Commercial Website with the First Online Advertising 1994 – 1996Google Begins with a Search Engine Called "BackRub" 1994Match.com is Founded March 1994"Selling Wine without Bottles" April 1994 – January 18, 1995Yahoo! is Founded April 12, 1994Commercial Spaming Starts with the "Green Card Spam" June 1994 – February 1996The HTTP Cookie is Invented June 1994The First Web Analytics Vendor July 1994 – July 1995Amazon.com is Founded September 27, 1994The First "Marketing on the Internet" Seminar Series 1995Probably the First For-Profit Social Networking Site 1995The First Web Page Tagging System March 1995Craigslist Initiates Free Online Classified Advertisements August 9, 1995The Beginning of the "Dot-Com Bubble" September 3, 1995eBay is Founded 1996Abebooks.com is Launched January 2, 1996First Recorded Use of the Term, Phishing 1997The First Web Analyzer with Drill-Down and Ad-Hoc Analysis 1998The Cluetrain Manifesto 1998Using Neural Networks for Word Sense Disambiguation September 7, 1998Google is Founded December 1998MyFamily.com 1999Domain Names are Property August 1999comScore is Founded November 29, 1999The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act is Enacted 2000
Hairong Li
The "Journal of Interactive Advertising" Begins
February 7, 2000
A diagram of a Denial-of-Service Attack.
The First Documented Denial-of-Service Attacks
March 10, 2000
The Netscape logo
Climax of the Dot-Com Bubble
June 5, 2000 – March 2009eBook Distributor is Acquired by Barnes & Noble October 23, 2000
Google AdWords logo
Google Launches AdWords