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Richard Louv
"Last Child in the Woods" : Exploration of Nature Versus Exposure to Media in Childhood
August 25, 2005 – January 11, 2006
A screenshot of the Million Dollar Homepage
The Million Dollar Homepage
September 6, 2005A University Library Intended to Contain Very Few Physical Books January 28, 2006
The iTunes U logo
College-Level Lectures Via Podcasts
July 13, 2006 – September 30, 2010
The Rice University Press logo
Reborn Digital: The First Fully Digital University Press: A 3 Year Experiment in the United States
David Ferrucci
IBM Begins Development of Watson, the First Cognitive Computer
January 2007Goodreads is Founded July 2007
A virtual classroom in Second Life where players can learn new languages, among other studies
Second Life is Used for Teaching Foreign Languages
August 2007
Arun Kumar
The World Wide Telecom Web for Illiterate Populations
September 2007
A player's avatar stands infront of the virtual campus of Coventry University in Second Life
The First Healthcare Course Taught in Second Life
November 5, 2007 – 2008
Anthony Grafton
Anthony Grafton's "Codex in Crisis"
November 19, 2007
The Amazon logo
The Amazon Kindle is Introduced
March 2008Game-Based Learning for Virtual Patients July 27, 2008Toward a World Digital Mathematics Library October 2008 – March 2012Creation of the HathiTrust Digital Library November 18, 2008
Cover of Tango with Cows, Vasily Kamensky.  Please click on image to view larger image.
"Tango with Cows" : A Virtual Exhibition
November 21, 2008"From Book Fluency to Screen Fluency, from Literacy to Visuality" 2009"The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age" 2009"Readability" is Launched May 6, 2009Larger Version of the Amazon Kindle Introduced September 1, 2009The First College Journalism Course Focused on Twitter September 14, 2009Darnton's Case for Books: Past, Present and Future December 17, 2009A French Alternative to Google Books is Formed December 23, 2009The Amazon Kindle is Hacked; eBook Digital Rights Management Cracked January 2010"The Never-Ending Language Learning System" February 2010"Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication. . . " February 22, 2010Modifiable eBook Editions of Textbooks March 2010The Sociology of Wikipedians April 5, 2010Probably the First Fully Visually Satisfying Interactive eBook June 2010Social Networking Added to Reading Electronic Books July 2010Flipboard, "Your Personalized, Social Magazine" July 26, 2010The First Traditional Humanities Journal to Try "Open" Peer Review October 19, 2010Columbia University Opens the Tow Center for Digital Journalism December 9, 2010Bestsellers on eBook Readers: Romance Novels December 13, 2010The Digital Public Library of America December 16, 2010An Interactive Pop-Up Children's Book App for the iPhone & iPad