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The original Kosmix.com search engine homepage
August 25, 2005 – January 11, 2006
A screenshot of the Million Dollar Homepage
The Million Dollar Homepage
November 2, 2005
Wolfgang von Kempelen
The Amazon Mechanical Turk
January 16, 2006
Gary Kremen
The Highest Price Paid for a Domain Name
January 22, 2006File-Sharing Exceeds Sales of Digital Music Downloads January 28, 2006
The iTunes U logo
College-Level Lectures Via Podcasts
February 8, 2006
The Zillow.com logo
Zillow.com is Launched
February 22, 2006
Steve Jobs speaking about the one billionth iTunes download
Over One Billion iTunes Downloads
April 23, 2006The Biggest Music Retailer in the World: Apple's iTune Store August 9, 2006
The Myspace login page layout from 2006
100,000,000 Users Within Three Years
October 2006
Will it Blend?: Viral Marketing
November 6, 2006
Tom Phillips, head of print operations at Google
Google's AdWords to Place Ads in Print Newspapers
November 6, 2006
Youtube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen
Google Buys YouTube
November 20, 2006
Terry T. Semel, left, the Chief of Yahoo at the time. Dean Singleton, right, the chief of MediaNews.
Newspaper Advertising in Partnership with Yahoo
January 2007Goodreads is Founded 2008 – November 18, 2013The First Virtual Currency Has a Real Value of 7 Billion Dollars May 2008About 200 Million People in the U.S. Have Broadband Connections July 10, 2008Opening of the iTunes App Store: the First App Distribution Service September 2008Craiglist Becomes the Leading Classified Advertising Service Worldwide November 25, 2008Downloads Trump CDs January 6, 2009Apple Eliminates Anticopying Restrictions from iTunes April 28, 2009Kickstarter.com is Launched May 6, 2009Larger Version of the Amazon Kindle Introduced May 21, 2009Changing the Advertising Model for General News Reporting June 9, 2009"Revenue at Craigslist is Said to Top $100,000,000" as Classified Advertising in Newspapers Declines October 19, 2009The Largest Study of Global Internet Traffic Since the Beginning of the Commercial Internet October 19, 2009Google Represents 6% of All Internet Traffic January 13, 2010After the Earthquake in Haiti, Donating by SMS Text February 22, 2010The First Superman Comic Book sells for $1,000,000. July 19, 2010For the First Time E-books Outsell Digital Books on Amazon.com October 2010 – December 17, 2012Instagram is Founded December 8, 2010The Website of MasterCard is Hacked by Wikileaks Supporters