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January 5, 2012Sales of eBook Readers in 2011 January 19, 2012Apple Introduces iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U March 9, 2012After Digitizing Over 20 Million Books Expansion of the Google Books Project Begins to Slow April 23, 2012Using a Densitometer to Measure Usage of Medieval Books of Hours April 30, 2012Microsoft Invests in Barnes & Noble's Nook eBook Reader Division May 2, 2012Harvard & M.I.T. to Offer Free Online Courses May 29, 2012Growing Adoption of the eBook Format in the U. S. September 3, 2012The Book History Online Database, Previously a Free Service, Becomes an Expensive Private Research Source November 20, 2012Coursera Enrolls Nearly Two Million Students from 196 Countries in Online Courses within its First Year January 17, 2013The Youngest Person to Create a Mobil Game App January 22, 2013The Pew Internet Report on Library Services in the Digital Age January 26, 2013Jane Austin and Walter Scott Were the Two Most Influential Novelists of the 19th Century: A Discovery Made Through Digital Humanities Research March 4, 2013Smartphone Interactive Reading Device Will Track Eyes to Scroll Pages April 11, 2013"The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens" April 18, 2013The Digital Public Library of America is Launched July 17, 2013The First Fully Online MIDS Degree Program August 17, 2013The First Master's Degree Offered through Massive Open Online Courses by a Major University September 3, 2013New Paradigm for a Regional Library October 2013Teaching Keyboard Skills in Kindergarten October 27, 2013The Market for Very Young Children's Books Has Grown, Partly in Reaction to eBooks October 28, 2013Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America 2013 December 24, 2013"As New Services Track Habits, the E-Books are Reading You" December 29, 2013The Growing Economic and Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence January 4, 2014Trends in Reading, Book Reviewing, Publishing and Writing as of the Beginning of 2014 January 29, 2014"Sensory Fiction": A Kind of Virtual Reality E-Book Reading Experience February 22, 2014Growth of Audiobooks Parallels Growth of eBooks March 17, 2014UC Berkeley is the First American University to Hire a Wikipedian-in-Residence April 2014"Book Traces" a Crowd-Sourced Web Project April 1, 2014Digital Humanities Quarterly to Publish Articles as Sets of Visualizations Rather than Articles in Verbal Form May 16, 2014The First Braille Cell Phone August 16, 2014The Entirely Digital Main Library at Florida Polytechnic University Begins Operation September 8, 2014A New Threat to the Beseiged Libraries and Cultural Heritage of Iraq September 29, 2014"The Hidden Cost of E-Books at University Libraries" October 25, 2014ISIS Closes Mosul University Departments and Bans Text Books December 10, 2014eBooks May Track Reading Habits December 17, 2014Amazon's Research in the Reading Process & its Introduction of the Ability with its E-Readers to Switch Back and Forth Between the Written and Audible Versions of a Book December 11, 2015Based on a Single Example, A. I. Surpasses Human Capabilities in Reading and Copying Written Characters