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February 8, 2012Creative Destruction of the Book Trade by Amazon? April 30, 2012Microsoft Invests in Barnes & Noble's Nook eBook Reader Division May 29, 2012Growing Adoption of the eBook Format in the U. S. October 2012Online Advertising is Expected to Surpass Print Advertising, But TV Advertising Dwarfs Both October 29, 2012Penguin to Merge with Random House October 29, 2012$2.6 Billion Spent on Ads on Phones and Tablets in 2012 November 4, 2012Google Has 67% of the U.S. Search Market and Collects 75% of U.S. Search Ad Dollars December 19, 2012"How the antiquarian book market has evolved for life on the web" January 20, 2013Online Reviews Used as Attack Weapons to Kill Sales of a Book July 5, 2013Amazon Sells More than 25% of New Books in the U.S. July 19, 2013Sixty Percent of Book Sales, Print & Digital, Now Occur Online August 5, 2013Bezos Purchases the Washington Post October 10, 2013Use of the Internet by Part-Time Business Owners in 2013 October 29, 2013Amazon Launches the Kindle MatchBook Service November 1 – November 21, 2013The First Auction of Internet Domains by a Major Auction House November 7, 2013Retail e-commerce sales expanded 15 percent in the U.S in 2012—seven times as fast as traditional retail. November 11, 2013The U.S. Postal Service Will Deliver Amazon Packages on Sundays December 1, 2013Amazon.com and UPS Envision Eventually Delivering Packages Via Drones December 10, 2013The NSA Uses "Cookies" to Pinpoint Targets for Hacking December 20, 2013eCommerce Accounts for Only About 6% of Commerce in the U.S. December 24, 2013"As New Services Track Habits, the E-Books are Reading You" January 21, 2014My First Purchase of a Hardcover Book for One Cent on the Internet February 17, 2014"Cheap Words. Amazon is good for consumers but is it good for books?" May 8, 2014Amazon May Control "More than a Third" of the U.S. Book Trade July 14, 2014Sotheby's Officially Teams with eBay for Online Auctions August 10, 2014Media Companies Spin Off Newspapers to Create Stand-Alone "Print Companies"