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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 30 CE - 500 CE   |   Theme: Archaeology


41 CE – 54 CEThe Ostia Synagogue: the Oldest Synagogue in Europe Circa 50 CE – 250 CE
The Alexamenos Grafitto. (View Larger)
Probably the Earliest Surviving Image of the Crucifixion: A Graffito
Circa 50 CEThe Role of the "Ordinator" and "Sculptor" in Producing Roman Stone Inscriptions Circa 50 CEThe Mensa Isiaca or Bembine Table of Isis 69 CE – 79 CERoman Inscriptions on Lead Pipes Were Made from Common Text Stamps Circa 75 CE
A fresco of a Pompein couple with stylus, wax tablets, and papyrus scroll, preserved in the Museuo Archeologico Nazionale. (View Larger)
Roman Portraits Celebrating Literacy
79 CE
An inscription depicting a contemporaneous politician. (View Larger)
Over 11,000 Wall Inscriptions Survived from Pompeii
79 CE – 2015Discoveries of Greek & Roman Papyri in the Library of the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum, the Only Library Preserved Intact from Graeco-Roman Times Circa 100 CE
Vindolanda Tablet 309, an inventory of wooden goods dispatched dispatched by and to civilians working for the military. (View Larger, with translation.)
The Oldest Surviving Handwritten Documents in Britain
113 CE
The Most Famous Example of Roman Square Capitals
Circa 115 CE – 125 CEThe Library of Celsus at Ephesus 130 CEThe Finest Surviving Example of Roman Monumental Lettering in Britain 132 CE – 135 CEIn the "Cave of Letters" Discovery of Papyri Recording Israel's Second Century Revolt Against Roman Rule Circa 150 CE
Recto of papyrus containing lines from Homer's Illiad, found at Hawara. (View Larger)
The "Hawara Homer"
203 CE – 211 CE
A reconstruction of a portion of the Forma Urbis Romae, showing a section of the Theater of Pompey. (View Larger)
The Forma Urbis Romae, Monumental Stone Map of Ancient Rome
Circa 232 CE
Dura-Europos church.
The Earliest Christian House Church, With the Most Ancient Christian Paintings
244 CE – 256 CE
A Frescoe found in Dura Europos depicting scenes from the Book of Ester. (View Larger)
Possibly the Earliest Record of Rabbinic Texts & the Earliest Continuous…
Circa 320 CEA Sarcophagus Showing a Greek Physician in His Library August 24, 394 CEThe Latest Known Inscription Written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs Circa 400 CEA Diptych Depicting Roman Orators Holding Papyrus Rolls Circa 500 CE – 600
The theater at Bet She'an. (View Larger)
The Earliest, Most Significant Rabbinic Texts Are Preserved in Stone