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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 30 CE - 500 CE   |   Theme: Education / Scholarship / Reading / Literacy


Circa 50 CE – 250 CE
The Alexamenos Grafitto. (View Larger)
Probably the Earliest Surviving Image of the Crucifixion: A Graffito
Circa 50 CE – 1700Note-Taking Versus "Place Memory" from Antiquity through the Renaissance and Later Circa 75 CE
A fresco of a Pompein couple with stylus, wax tablets, and papyrus scroll, preserved in the Museuo Archeologico Nazionale. (View Larger)
Roman Portraits Celebrating Literacy
79 CE
An inscription depicting a contemporaneous politician. (View Larger)
Over 11,000 Wall Inscriptions Survived from Pompeii
Circa 100 CE
Vindolanda Tablet 309, an inventory of wooden goods dispatched dispatched by and to civilians working for the military. (View Larger, with translation.)
The Oldest Surviving Handwritten Documents in Britain
Circa 150 CECommercial and Private Book Trade in 2nd Century Egypt Circa 150 CEThe Bankes Homer: One of the Best Preserved Papyri of Homer 198 CEThe Diptych Document Format Circa 234 CE – 253 CEOrigen's Hexapla: Made Possible by the Codex Form, and the First Codices to Display Information in Tabular Form Circa 240 CE – 320 CEThe Library of Lactantius, an Early Christian Author 258 CE – 317 CEFoundation of Imperial Nanking University 270 CEThe Porphyrian Tree: The Earliest Metaphorical Tree of Knowledge 318 CE – 323 CEThe Role of Books in the Rule of the Earliest Christian Monasteries Circa 320 CEA Sarcophagus Showing a Greek Physician in His Library 330 CE – 1453The Decline of Literacy in the Byzantine Empire Circa 350 CEThe Most Widely Used Medieval Grammar Circa 350 CEPossibly the World's First University 397 CE – 1470Augustine on Silent Reading Circa 400 CE – 600At the Beginning of the Dark Ages Production of New Manuscripts Essentially Ceased 410 CE – 449 CE
A map of Britannia from A Classical Atlas of Ancient Geography by Alexander G. Findlay. New York: Harper and Brothers 1849. (View Larger)
The Withdrawal of Roman Legions from Britannia Results in the End of Literacy…
Circa 450 CE – 650The Church Assumes Role of Educator and Civil Service for the Tribal Kingdoms Circa 450 CEHesychius of Alexandria's Dictionary Survived in Only One Deeply Corrupt Renaissance Manuscript 450 CE – 1193The First Residential University 476 CE – 1500"A Bibliography of Works on Medieval Communication"