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Circa 600
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The Earliest Western Metalwork Bookcovers
Circa 600
Tablet 3v of the Springmount Bog Tablets. (National Museum. Dublin, 1914: 2) (View Larger)
The Springmount Bog Wax Tablets
Circa 610 – 613
The name of Mohammed written in classic calligraphy. (View Larger)
The Qur'an
Circa 610 – 1200During the Middle Ages Book Production is Concentrated in Monasteries Circa 610
A wooden wax tablet with bronze stylus and eraser, originating from Egpyt circa 600. (View Larger)
During the Middle Ages Wax Tablets Are Widely Used
Saint Columbanus (View larger)
Foundation of the Monastery and Library at Bobbio
Circa 625
Folio 149v of the Codex Usserianus Primus.
Possibly the Earliest Surviving Irish Codex
Circa 625
Folio 90v of the Naples Dioscurides, a description of the Mandrake. (View Larger)
The Naples Dioscorides
Circa 625The Bobbio Orosius, Containing the Earliest Surviving Carpet Page in Insular Art 627
York Minster (View Larger)
The Illuminated Gospel Book as a Tool for Evangelization
A portrait of emperor Taizong of Tang on a hanging silk scroll, currently preserved in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. (View Larger)
A Library Containing "54,000 Rolls"
627 – 649The Origins of Printing in China Circa 633Excepting the Bible, Probably the Most Widely Circulated Educational Work During the Middle Ages 641
Canon 22 of the Council of Nicea II (British Museum, MS Barocci 26, fol. 140b), where the top is written in minuscule and the bottom in unical.(View Larger)
Arab Conquest of Egypt Resulted in Smaller Exports of Papyrus-- A Probable…
Circa 650 – 750
This golden lion, folio 191v of the Book of Durrow, is the symbol of St. John. (View Larer)
The Book of Durrow
Circa 650
Folio 193 from the Book of Mulling. (View larger)
The Book of Mulling
Circa 650
The binding of the Stonyhurst Gospel. (View Larger)
The Earliest European Book that Survived Completely Intact in its Original…
Circa 650 – 750
MS M.569 of the Pierpont Morgan Library, considered the finest surviving Coptic bookbinding. (View Larger)
The Finest Surviving Coptic Bookbinding
650 – 699The Earliest Surviving Specimens of Woodblock Printing on Paper Circa 650The Earliest Surviving Latin Single-Volume Bible Circa 653The Uthman Qur'an, One of the Earliest Surviving Manuscripts of the Qur'an 659 – 661
The Abbey at Corbie. (View Larger)
Foundation of Corbie Abbey, Renowned for its Library
One of the Qu'ran fragments found in the loft of the Great Mosque in 1972. (View Larger)
The Sana'a Palimpsest, One of the Earliest Surviving Manuscripts of the…
Circa 675 – 750The Codex Parisino-Petropolitanus, One of the Oldest Surviving Manuscripts of the Qur'an 677 – 1100Continuing Use of Papyrus through the Eleventh Century Circa 685 – 710
A page from the Ceolfrid Bible. (View Larger)
The Ceolfrid Bible
Circa 688 – 716
Folio 5r of Codex Amiatinus, showing Ezra. (View Larger)
The Codex Amiatinus: the Earliest Surviving Complete Bible in the Latin…
Circa 690 – 751The Oldest Surviving Block Printing from Korea?