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Symphorien Champier Publishes the First Medical Bibliography of Medical Literature and the First Medical History after Celsus

Portrait of Symphorien Champier.

Portrait of Symphorien Champier.

In 1506 French physician and writer Symphorien Champier published in Lyon De medicine claris scriptoribus in quinque partibus tractatus, as part of his Libelli duo. Champier's biographical study of famous medical writers included a brief listing of their writings which is considered the first published bibliography of medical literature after Galen's bibliography of his own writings, De libris propriis liber, which was written in the second century CE, but not printed until 1525, and the brief bibliography of Galen's writings which was first published in Articella seu Opus artis medicinae, edited by Franciscus Argilagnes (Venice, 1483). Champier's work has also been called the first history of medicine written after De medicina by the first century CE Roman writer Aulus Cornelius Celsus.

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