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The First Published Rules for Archival Operation?

Parma rules for archive operation 1678
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Regole, e Capitoli per l'eretione, e mantenimento degli Archivii publici delle Città di Piacenza, e Parma were published in Parma, Italy in 1678. These may be the first published principles, rules and procedures for archival administration and operation.

Rules included:

(I.2) Entrance is forbidden at night, and flame, food and games are not allowed.
(II.9) Employees must serve users with courtesy and efficiency and look after the books.
(III.2-14) Desks and rooms must be laid out and labelled in certain ways.
(IV.11-13) Procedures for collecting for the archive all relevant materials from the home of a notary who died.
(V.3-4) Anyone has the right to place records in the archive, whether it be public or private information.
Records of trusts, wills, and other legal instruments must be kept in certain ways.
(VIII) Archival fees are listed.
(IX.4) Fines for breaking rules of archival operation are to be distributed equally between the Ducal Chamber, the Commune of each respective city, the archives themselves, and the accuser, whose name is to remain secret.

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