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"Bobb Goldsteinn" Coins the Term Multimedia


In July 1966 American showman, songwriter, and artist Bobb Goldsteinn (Bob Goldstein) coined the term multimedia to promote the opening of his "LightWorks at L'Oursin" show at Southampton, Long Island, New York.

"On August 10, 1966, Richard Albarino of Variety borrowed the terminology, reporting: 'Brainchild of songscribe-comic Bob (‘Washington Square’) Goldstein, the ‘Lightworks’ is the latest multi-media music-cum-visuals to debut as discothèque fare' " (Wikipedia article on Multimedia, accessed 08-29-2010).

The evolving concept of multimedia involves combinations of text, still images, video, animation, sound, and interactivity. Thus, technically an illustrated book could be considered a multimedia object with a combination of texts and images; however, multimedia primarily implies combinations of electronic media.

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