Detail map of Roma, Lazio, Italy,South Governorate, Lebanon

A: Roma, Lazio, Italy, B: South Governorate, Lebanon

By 200 CE the Definition of Book Includes Codices as Well as Rolls

Circa 200 CE
Statue dedans le Palais de justice

19th century statue of Ulpian in the neoclassical Palais de Justice in Brussels.

About 200 CE, in a discussion of the definition of liber or book, the Roman jurist Gnaeus Domitius Annius Ulpianus (Ulpian), of Tyrian ancestry, "decides in favour of including all rolls (volumina) of whatever material, and then considers the question whether codices come under the same category or not—thereby shewing that in his day both forms of books were in use" (Clark, The Care of Books [1901] 39).

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