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Book Mountain + Library Quarter Opens in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands


"rotterdam-based MVRDV has just completed the 'book mountain + library quarter' centrally located in the market square of spijkenisse, the netherlands. a mountain of bookshelves is contained by a glass-enclosed structure and pyramidal roof with an impressive total surface area of 9,300 square meters. corridors and platforms bordering the form are accessed by a network of stairs to allow visitors to browse the tiers of shelves. a continuous route of 480 meters culminates at the peak's reading room and cafe with panoramic views through the transparent roof. any possible damage caused to the books by direct sunlight is offset by the expected 4 year lifespan of borrowed materials.  

"additional functions including an environmental education center, meeting rooms, auditorium, offices and retail take place on site. taking the form of a traditional dutch farm to reference the agricultural roots of the village. the encompassing district integrates 42 social housing units, parking and public spaces to form a neighborhood. the masonry exterior of adjacent structures is introduced into the interior with brick pavers for the circulation spaces

"project info:

"total budget incl. parking: 30 million EUR

"start project: 2003

"start construction: may 2009

"opening: october 2012  

"public part library: 3500 m2

"environmental education centre: 112 m2

"chess club: 140 m2 "back office library: 370 m2  

"retail: 839 m2

"commercial offices: 510 m2

"length book shelves: 3205 m total (1565 m for lending, 1640 m archive)

"amount of books: currently 70.000 and space for another 80.000

"the cover is 26 m tall and spans 33,5 m x 47 m  

"parking: garage with grey water basin and 350 spaces //client: gemeente spijkenisse

"user: openbare bibliotheek spijkenisse, milieuhuis spijkenisse, schaaksportvereniging spijkenisse

"architect: MVRDV, rotterdam, nl" (, accessed 01-14-2013).

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