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Rabbi Eliezer Toledano Prints the First and Second Books Printed in Lisbon in Hebrew

7/16/1489 to 11/25/1489
Rabbi Toledano

Rabbi Toledano's edition of Moses ben Nahman's Commentary on the Pentateuch, from Marsh's Library, Dublin.

Rabbi Eliezer Toledano established the first press at Lisbon, Portugal, to print books in Hebrew. His first book was Moses ben Nahman's Hiddushe ha-Torah (Commentary on the Pentateuch) appeared on July 16, 1489. Later that year, on November 25, 1489, Toledano published Lisbon's second printed work, the Perush Seder Tefillot (Sefer Abudarham) a commentary on the prayers written in 1340 by David ben Yosef Abudarham. These were the first two books printed in Lisbon. While neither work is particularly rare in institutions, by August 2019 neither work had been digitized.

ISTC no. im00866160.

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