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Anonymous Book Sculptures Turn Up in Edinburgh

2011 to 2013

From 2011 to 2013 a group of remarkable book sculptures made out of old books by an anonymous female paper sculptor were strategically placed in cultural institutions were they would be found in Scotland, mostly in Edinburgh. The sculptures were primarily on topics concerning Scottish literature and poetry. 

"The initial group of book sculptures was a group of ten elaborate sculptures that were left around various cultural locations in Edinburgh, Scotland, between March and November 2011, as gifts to the cultural institutions and people of the city.The identity of the artist is unknown, although notes with some of the sculptures referred to the artist as 'she'. The sculptures were made from old books and were accompanied by gift labels which praised literacy and the love of words, and argued against library and other arts funding cuts. An eleventh sculpture was presented to author Ian Rankin, whose works featured prominently in many of the other sculptures. The ten Edinburgh sculptures were toured through Scotland in an exhibition in late 2012.

"The sculptor was then commissioned to produce five more book sculptures to be hidden in secret locations around Scotland as part of Book Week Scotland, which commenced in November 2012. Despite the commission, the artist has maintained her anonymity.

"The sculptor also made another gift sculpture in December 2012, which she anonymously presented to the Scottish Poetry Library, already the previous recipient of two of her earlier works.

"In May 2013 a new sculpture, featuring three eggs in a paper nest in a cardboard birdbox, was left in the Scottish Poetry library; this was followed by three baby birds in a nest, left at Leith Library" (Wikipedia article on Scottish Book Sculptures, accessed 10-27-2013).

When I wrote this entry in October 2013 some of the best collections of images of the anonymous book sculptures were available at:


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