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"Butterfly, an Information Visualizer"


At the CHI '95 Proceedings Jock D. Mackinlay, Ramano Rao and Stuart K. Card of Xerox PARC published "An Organic User Interface for Searching Citation Links." This described Butterfly, an Information Visualizer application for accessing DIALOG's three Science Citation databases across the Internet.

"Network information often involves slow access that conflicts with the use of highly-interactive information visualization. Butterfly addresses this problem, integrating search, browsing, and access management via four techniques: 1) visualization supports the assimilation of retrieved information and integrates search and browsing activity, 2) automatically-created ``link-generating'' queries assemble bibliographic records that contain reference information into citation graphs, 3) asynchronous query processes explore the resulting graphs for the user, and 4) process controllers allow the user to manage these processes. We use our positive experience with the Butterfly implementation to propose a general information access approach, called Organic User Interfaces for Information Access, in which a virtual landscape grows under user control as information is accessed automatically." (Abstract).


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