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"Publick Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestic," the First Newspaper Published in North America, Suppressed after a Single Issue

The single issue of Publick Occurrences
The single issue of Publick Occurrences

On September 25, 1690 English publisher Benjamin Harris, proprietor of the London Coffee House in Boston, Massachusetts published Publick Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestic. This was the first newspaper issued in North America. The issue contained 4 pages, the last left blank for users to write in pieces of news to hand around with the newspaper.  

"It focused on local news, and included gossip; one item concerned King William's War and atrocities attributed to Native American forces allied to the British, current in September 1690. Without a license, it was closed down after a single issue, Harris was jailed, and the next newspaper did not appear until 1704, when John Campbell's Boston News-Letter was the first American newspaper to last beyond the first issue" (Wikipedia article on Benjamin Harrison (publisher), accessed 06-05-2012).

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