At CNN David Bohrman Introduces "Hologram-Like" Images in Coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election


On November 4, 2008 during coverage of the presidential election, CNN executive producer David Bohrman arranged for hologram-like live images of Jessica Yellin in Chicago to be "beamed" into Wolf Blitzer's broadcast stage in New York so that she appeared to have a face-to face conversation with Wolf.

Yellin appeared somewhat fuzzy and her image, apparently projected a few feet in front of Blitzer, appeared to glow around the edges. Yellin explained that her image was being filmed in Chicago by 35 high-definition cameras set in a ring inside a special tent, which were processed and synchronized by 20 computers to the cameras in the New York studio. The network, which made use of three-dimensional imaging technology produced by Norway-based Vizrt and SportVu, billed the interview as a first for television. Later that day CNN aired a second "hologram" interview between anchor Anderson Cooper and rapper Will.I.Am, who was also in Chicago.  

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