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A: Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Becomes the First Interactive Internet Streaming TV Network

1998 to 8/2000

From 1998 to August 2000 (Pseudo Programs, Inc.) was the first interactive Internet streaming television network, and the premier provider of Online Net-Television entertainment. Each week the Pseudo Online Network produced and netcast more than fifty different interactive Net-TV shows, representing over 200 hours of original live programming per month. Pseudo's shows covered a range of non-mainstream topics underserved by traditional broadcast and cable networks.

For the political conventions in 2000 then CEO of Pseudo David Bohrman produced the first live Internet streaming of political conventions, which were held that year in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Pseudo had multiple video streams live during the convention, and also a skybox in the arena, and five 360 degree cameras, live interviews with newsmakers and 24-hour chat rooms where site users could carry on their own political discussions. However, the company fell victim to the Internet crash and declared bankruptcy in September of 2000. 

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