Caption from news service on the back of the photograph.
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Back of the news service photograph taken on June 10, 1952 showing Oppenheimer and von Neumann in front of the IAS computer. The credit pasted to the back of the photograph reads:
(Dr. Neumann- Dr. Oppenheimer).
New Electronic 'Brain displayed for the first time...
Princeton, N.J. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer (left) and Dr. John von Neumann, stand in front of a new electronic "brain", the fastest computing machine for its degree of precision yet made. The machine which can do 2,00 [i.e. 200] multiplications in one second and add or subtract 100,000 times in the same period was displayed today for the first ime at the Institute for Advanced Study. Its fabulous memeory can store 1,024 numbers of 12 decimal places each. Dr. von Neumann was one of the designers of the wonder manchine. Dr. Oppenheimer is one of the nation's outstanding atomic scientists. The Atomic Energy Commission is one of the sponsors of the brain. MCS. 6-10-52"
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