David Allen & Harold Williams Found Telesuite (Originally Teleport), the First Telepresence Company


In 1993 David Allen and Harold Williams founded Teleport, the first commercially successful telepresence company. Its name was later changed to TeleSuite.

"Before TeleSuite, they ran a resort business from which the original concept emerged because they often found businesspeople would have to cut their stays short to participate in important meetings. Their idea was to develop a technology that would allow businesspeople to attend their meetings without leaving the resorts so that they could lengthen their hotel stays.
"Hilton Hotels had originally licensed to install them in their hotels throughout the United States and other countries, but use was low. The idea lost momentum, with Hilton eventually backing out. TeleSuite later began to focus less on the hospitality industry and more on business-oriented telepresence systems. Shareholders eventually held enough stock to replace the company's original leadership, which ultimately led to its collapse.[citation needed] David Allen purchased all of the assets of TeleSuite and appointed Scott Allen as president [6] of the new company called Destiny Conferencing.
"Destiny Conferencing licensed its patent portfolio to HP which became the first large company to join the telepresence industry, soon followed by others such as Cisco and Polycom.[7] After forming a distribution agreement with Pleasanton-based Polycom, Destiny Conferencing sold on January 5, 2007, to Polycom for $60 million" (Wikipedia article Telepresence, accessed 9-2020).

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