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A2-FS1, the First Flight Simulator Program for a Personal Computer


In January 1980 Bruce A. Artwick, an engineering student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, released A2-FS1 Flight Simulator for the Apple II personal computer through his subLOGIC Corporation. This was the first flight simulator program for a personal computer. 

Artwick began the project by writing a series of articles on flight simulation using computer graphics during 1976. When a magazine editor told him that subscribers were interested in purchasing such a program Artwick founded subLOGIC Corporation to commercialize his ideas. At first the company sold simulators by mail order, but that changed with the related of Flight Simulator FS1, for the Apple II, followed by a release in March 1980 for the TRS-80 with lower quality graphics.

♦ In December 2013 a dynamic simulation of the original program was available from the Wikipedia at this link.

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