Cover of the Edison CD Sampler

"The cover for The Edison CD Sampler. Note that the photo of Thomas Edison has been modified to show him holding a compact disc.  A statement on the the back cover indicates that this disc was issued on September 21, 1984", accessed 9-2020)

Notes on the rear cover of the Edison CD sampler
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A: Terre Haute, Indiana, United States

Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." Becomes the First Music CD Pressed in the U.S.A.


The first commercial music compact disc (CD) pressed in the U. S. was Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA, pressed at the opening of CBS Records CD production plant in Terre Haute, Indiana in September 1984. The album was recorded on analog master tapes, and initially issued on both LP and cassette on June 4, 1984.

Showing remarkable awareness of the historical aspects of this event, CBS also produced at the same the The Edison CD Sampler. Edison Historical Recordings Digitized on Compact Disc. For the cover of this disc, referencing the invention of the phonograph by Edison, they modified the famous photograph of Edison with his phonograph taken by Matthew Brady, to show Edison holding a CD in his right hand. On the upper cover of the disc CBS printed, "FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY – NOT FOR SALE."

"The catalog number is ECDS-1, which is shown on the disc at 2 o’clock. Stamped on the plastic ring is “Made in USA – Digital Audio Disc Corp.”, and the matrix code is “DIDX-135 11A2″. Beneath the catalog number is the DADC plant ‘D’ logo and the words “Manufactured by Digital Audio Disc Corp. Terre Haute, Indiana, USA”. Note the promotional statement and the copyright date of 1984 beneath the CD format logo" (, accessed 01-15-2012).  

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