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During Testimony over a Phone Hacking Scandal Rupert Murdoch Predicts the End of Print News Media


"After a day of testimony at a British judicial inquiry over his ties, friendships and disputes with British politicians, Rupert Murdoch returned to the witness stand on Thursday, saying he apologized for failing to take measures to avert the hacking scandal that has convulsed his media outpost [News of the World] here [in Britain]."

"At times contrite and on a occasionally somewhat testy, Mr. Murdoch became more ruminative and discursive, when he was allowed to dwell at some length on the future of the printed word, pondering not only the destiny of his own newspapers but, as if addressing a seminar rather than an inquiry, also ranging over the broader issue of the future of the press in the digital era.

" 'The day would come, he said, when the news business would be 'purely electronic' in five, 10 or 20 years" (, accessed 04-26-2012).

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