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"News from Most Parts of Christendom," Forerunner of the Printed English Newspaper

Nathaniel Butter's Good News to Christendome.
Nathaniel Butter's Good News to Christendome, issued in London, 1620. Folger Shakespeare Library. The pamphlet describes a vision seen over Muhammad's tomb in 1620

On May 23, 1622 Nathaniel Butter of London published the first edition of a periodical variously called News from Most Parts of Christendom or Weekly News from Italy, Germany, Hungaria, Bohemia, the Palatinate, France and the Low Countries. "From its miscellaneous contents and periodicity of production, it is regarded as the true forerunner of the English newspaper." Because the Stuart regime discouraged domestic reporting, it contained no news about England.

From the example in the Folger Shakespeare Library reproduced here Butter evidently was publishing separate pamphlets at least as early as 1620. These may be characterized perhaps as separate newsbooks rather than a periodical/

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