In Response to Pittsburgh Massacre, Gab, a Social Network Popular with the U.S. Far Right, is Taken Offline


After the massacre of 11 Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27, on Monday October 29 the MIT Technology Review reported: 

Tech companies withdraw support for Gab

"Gab, a social network popular with the US far-right and used by the gunman who killed eleven people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, is down after host GoDaddy gave it 24 hours to move to another provider.
Facilitating hatred: Robert Bowers, who attacked the synagogue using an assault rifle, used Gab to post anti-Semitic messages in the days before the attack. Gab is now offline after tech companies withdrew support this weekend, including PayPal, Medium, Stripe and Jovent. Apple, Google and Microsoft have also taken steps to remove Gab from their platforms.
The “free speech” network? Gab was launched by tech entrepreneur Andrew Torba two years ago, billing itself as the “free speech” social network where anything goes. It was borne out of Torba’s frustration with what he saw as bias against conservative views on mainstream networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, it soon became popular with far-right figures like Alex Jones and Richard Spencer, who had been banned from other social networks. It’s been criticized for failing to do enough to prevent free expression spilling over into hate speech.
Outage: It’s unclear how long Gab will be offline for. A message on the site claims it is “under attack” and has been “systematically no-platformed”. It adds that it will be inaccessible for a “period of time” while it finds a new hosting provider."

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