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John Warnock and Charles Geschke.

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John Warnock and Chuck Gerschke Develop PostScript at Adobe Systems, Creating Desktop Publishing

1982 to 1985

In December 1982 John Warnock and Charles "Chuck" Gerschke founded Adobe Systems in San Jose, California. At Adobe Warnock, Gerschke and others developed the PostScript page description language — a simplified version of the InterPress language that Warnock and Geschke had developed at Xerox PARC. Warnock and Gerschke left PARC when Xerox would not commercialize InterPress.

In 1984, Warnock and Geschke released PostScript Level 1, enabling scalable PostScript digital type fonts and desktop publishing.

In 1985 Cleo Huggins, graphic designer and typographer at Adobe Systems, San Jose, California, designed the Sonata PostScript type font. This font for musical notation was the first of the "Adobe Originals," and predated personal computer software for musical composition.

The following year Lynne Garell, a graphic designer typographer at Adobe Systems, designed Carta, a map font. This was the first alphabetic typefont created in PostScript and marketed by Adobe.



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