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The Bookstagram Tag Has been Used on Over 35 Million Posts on Instagram


On September 27, 2019 The published an article entitled Why Instagram's biggest book accounts aren't your usual influencers", from which I quote:

“bookstagram”, the corner of Instagram combining a love of books with stylized, eye-catching photos, to the delight of large fanbases. The bookstagram tag has been used on over 35m Instagram posts, and the more popular bookstrammers have upwards of 100,000 followers (for comparison, the Instagram for the New York Times book section has about 69,000 followers.) There are enough people joining bookstagram that a slew of articles have cropped up, advising would-be bookstagrammers on best practice, how to manage Instagram’s “pesky algorithm” and the best budget-friendly props. Some accounts focus on old books, or books by authors of color, many play with elaborate staging".

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