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Steve Byers Issues "The Electronic Type Catalogue" for Users of Personal Computers

Cover of Bantam ITC electronic type catalogue
Creative Commons LicenseJeremy Norman Collection of Images - Creative Commons
In February 1992 digital typography expert Steve Byers of International Typeface Corporation (ITC), a type manufacturer of digital type fonts founded in 1970, issued The Electronic Type Catalogue published as a large format paperback by Bantam Books. This catalogue described and illustrated examples of over 1100 type fonts, all of which were available for personal computers, indicating the explosive nature of the PC type market afer the development of Adobe PostScript scalable fonts and screen fonts that enabled types to be seen in their actual size and form on the CRT (cathode ray tube) computer screens of the time. The Electronic Type Catalogue was probably the first catalogue reasonably comprehensive across most manufacturers of typefaces that could be used in the new field of desktop publishing. Notably the types were designated "electronic." By 2020 when I wrote this entry the types would most probably have been designated as "digital."

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